Research conducted for a book by Deloitte talks about 25 fashion labels. Including three shoe brands.

[On cover: some pages from “Making IT-Fitting the Future”]

Making IT-Fitting the Future is the book by Deloitte, based on research into the fashion sector, illustrated through 25 companies part of Confindustria Moda. The brands are disparate, working in clothing, fabrics and accessories, including Loriblu, Baldinini and Falc in the shoe section. In common, however, they have Made in Italy, a strong heritage and the ability to work as a team: the strengths of Italian production.

This is what makes the Italian fashion sector unique”, says Claudio Marenzi, President of Confindustria Moda and Herno, at the book presentation. “The industry counts 65,000 companies with a turnover of 100 billion euros in 2018, and a future based on excellence and quality, rather than volume and quantity”, he continues. Companies like Loriblu are born from a passion for the artisanal, said the young President Claudia Cuccù, talking about her father Graziano who “represents real added value. He personally fits the models and studies the design. Starting with a piece of wood, he works with plaster and resin until he achieves the shape he had in mind”. That’s when the industrial process begins. 

For Gimmi Baldinini, creativity is everything for a brand, “because it always comes from the inside, machines can help with development and construction, but we need to keep working and inventing”, he states in the book.

Teamwork is important for Salina Ferretti, Director General of Falc, who explains: “Our business culture involves every individual making a contribution, nobody is more important than anybody else, and everybody has the right and the duty to contribute to the wellness of the company.” The book, created with support from Scuola Holden, therefore delves deep into the story of Made in Italy, highlighting the strengths of the sector and the challenges that make companies reconsider their way of doing business.