The new born line Objects with the sneaker-sculpture Track.2 made from brass

[On the cover: the sneaker-sculpture Track.2 made from brass and belonging to the Objects Line]

From communication – the autumn 2021 collection will be unveiled on 6th December through the video game “Afterworld: the age of Tomorrow”, set in 2031 – to product, Balenciaga has its eyes set on the future. Its top clicked sneakers of the limited edition Balenciaga Toe are clear proof of this. Developed in partnership with Vibram and featuring the latter’s patented FiveFingers sole, the sneakers are also available with a pedestal heel, laceless or lace-up, in red or black. The Balenciaga Heeled Toe, available in neon pink or black, features a molded block heel.

The sneaker developed in collaboration with Vibram

Not to mention the silver brass sneaker-sculpture Track.2 of the Objects Line, launched on November 20th, first step of items designed to be timeless. The first object is a metal sculpture in the exact shape of a size 41 Track.2 sneaker. It is made in Italy with 16 cast brass pieces that are soldered and sealed, then coated with palladium. It is on sale on the Balenciaga website for 4,900 Euros and available in some flagship stores abroad.