What to choose between sneakers, ankle boots, and moccasins. Anything, as long it is comfortable

[On the cover: DIESEL KIDS FW23]

After the holidays we return to work and school feeling regenerated, ready to face new challenges and new trends. For children, too, it is time for changes and – after the books, the backpack, the pencil case, and everything else needed for the return to school – it is time to think about clothing that is suitable for the arrival of autumn. Not only genderless garments such as sweatshirts, shirts, and jackets, or unisex trends such as denim and athleisure, but also the desire to stand out and assert one’s personality through a contemporary wardrobe. Girls always have the most opportunity to do this and can underline their femininity with exuberant colours and touches of glitter that illuminate garments and accessories. Naturally, footwear must inevitably be changed after almost a year to adapt to the foot because the correct fit and comfort are essential prerogatives for posture whilst one is growing.

Little girls like the “mini me” trend

Celebrities really like dressing their children in miniature versions of the outfits they wear, a habit that has, however, spread to an ever-increasing number of mothers and daughters. Naturally we start with clothing, but footwear has also followed adult trends for some time now. So, for next winter, in addition to the timeless sneakers made more feminine by glitter and stickers, there are also moccasins with heavy soles and ankle boots in various versions, from the biker to the combat boot.

Sneakers and combat boots for boys

The mid- or low-gym shoe ranges from total white models with a vintage allure, to those with uppers made with a mix of materials and more accentuated soles. Ankle boots, from the Beatle to the combat, to the hiking boot, and hybrid solutions that combine, for example, the sole of the sneaker with the upper of the mountain shoe, are now a must-have in the junior wardrobe.