From workmanship to woven fabrics

When we talk about authenticity in footwear, we especially think of certain complex processes that give the product added value and still entail a great amount of manual intervention.

And that is exactly how it is for Italian-made brand Alberto Fasciani , which uses Goodyear flex and contrasting Norwegian constructions for shoes made of materials such as suede, calfskin and elk, hand-dyed with pigments, creams and vegetable waxes to obtain different colour ranges every time.

The shoes are as soft as can be: the flex effect is guaranteed by the use of coconut fibres or natural rubbers inserted in the sole. For a younger product, the spring/summer 2019 sneaker is made with a special linen or hemp cloth woven by hand on ancient, 120-year-old looms. These natural fabrics are part of the Campotosto Project, a teamwork venture aimed at giving local businesses of Abruzzo, hit by the 2017 earthquake, their dignity back and powering them with new drive.

This inspired the designer to choose the place’s picture-postcard panoramas as the background of the campaign for the S/S 2018 collection.

The tangible implementation of the operation is the artistic co-branding with Assunta Perilli, owner of the Fonte della Tessitura studio, which supplies the natural fabrics used to create the linen shoes offered in the collection. This partnership, born of the coming together of crafts production techniques, has given rise to a truly unique product.