Pijama is also breaking into the footwear sector, with a small collection of neoprene sneakers

Pijama was founded in 2006, brainchild of a fashion designer, Monica Battistella, and an architect, Sergio Gobbi. The brand is very well-known, even worldwide, especially among the young, from the so-called millennials to young adults in their thirties.

From day one, the flagship product of the Milanese brand was a just about essential accessory for anyone owning a smartphone or laptop: the case. The unmistakeable, ultra-soft Pijama cases are made of neoprene and fabric and feature gorgeous patterns.

Over the years, as the market continued to expand and the brand gradually captured the whole world, the product range grew to include tablets and glasses cases, holders, wallets, bags and handbags, rucksacks, backpacks, seat covers and trouser protectors for cyclists, even coasters, sleeping masks and slippers for jet-setters, everything in the now iconic Pijama style.

The very latest product to land on the pages of the already packed and varied catalogue are sneakers. And not just any old sneakers, because the material chosen for these too is soft neoprene (but sponge ones are also available), and they’re designed to be district shoes: comfy, colourful shoes for short outings from the house, for example to nip to the local café or do the shopping.

Designed and made entirely in Italy, these sneakers have been produced in 8 different styles and will be on sale in the next few weeks in the Pijama showroom in Milan and a few selected stores.