The Milan concept store offers accessories made by expert Italian artisans

[On the cover: an all-Italian footwear by l’Arabesque]

A full immersion in “great beauty” is immediately palpable upon entering the Milan L’Arabesque store situated in Largo Augusto; the discovery of objects past and present, inspired by timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. Men’s and women’s attire and accessories from seasonal collections rub shoulders with vintage garments and jewellery, designer pieces from the Fifties and Sixties, rare books of design, fashion and art, Haute Parfumerie fragrances.

This is the world created by Chichi Meroni who grew up immersed in fashion and design, close to the most creative personalities who helped write the history of Milan. She designs the collections for men and women at the store herself and pays particular attention to accessories, especially footwear, to which the store’s entire upper floor is dedicated.

“Models for women above all else, with the L’Arabesque brand, made by “rigorously selected Italian artisans”, as the owner herself explains. “Given the limited production per model, we only ever turn to highly specialised professionals”.

The store showcases sandals made of jacquard fabric and cherry satin with rhinestone decorations, silver lurex pumps with a black vinyl bow, black satin and gold leather slippers with silver mask applications. The sneakers of a Japanese brand feature alongside this all-Italian offering.

But that’s not all. This cult store features L’Arabesque Café, a restaurant serving typical Milanese dishes with a modern twist, inspired by the cult book “C’era una volta a tavola” (published in 1999), a collection of images and recipes by Chichi Meroni. Then there’s the lounge corner La Librairie, furnished with Fifties elements, containing a rich selection of international magazines and books that are hard to find elsewhere. Lastly, the Nautilus fitness centre next door to the store is a place for training body and mind.

Flavia Colli Franzone