Alexander McQueen invited a group of photographers to interpret the boot by getting inspired by nature

[On the cover: photo by Malick Dobian]

It is nature, its beauty and its strength, that acts as the backdrop to the photos of the unisex Tread Slick work boot from Alexander McQueen’s winter collection. Nature also as a symbol of hope for the future with its ability to regenerate and adapt, a value that is particularly close to the heart of the English brand that produces footwear in Italy.

An exercise in style, art, and inclusion, none of which are new for the brand which, on the occasion of the product launch, had already entrusted the images to the lens of young internationals. A new group of photographers, long-time collaborators of the brand and emerging talents alike, were invited to photograph and set the product in a context full of meaning for each of them. The result is images studied and taken around the world: in Brooklyn (Katie Burnett), at Lac Rose in Senegal (Malick Bodian), in East London (Gwen Trannoy), in Hackney East London (Charlie Gates), on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset (William Waterworth), at Leo Carillo Beach in Malibu (Max Farago).