The modular footwear project evolves and becomes even more eco-friendly

Since its inception, ACBC has been linked to the concept of modularity: all it takes is a zip to reinterpret the sneaker and change its upper, without ever loosing sight of sustainability, thanks to bio-based, recycled and animal free materials.  A path that has led the company to evolve constantly, because in the words of the brand’s acronym, Anything Can Be Changed (ACBC). The designer Edoardo Iannuzzi explains: “We have evolved in terms of technology and have enriched the zipshoe, a mechanical technique, with new technologies for materials and production processes, with the aim of achieving a greater degree of sustainability. Indeed the collection features alternative materials to leather: bio skin is 60% bio-based and derived from farming scraps, apple skin and grape skin from apple and grape scraps. We are also using pignatex, a nonwoven fabric made from pineapple leaves. As regards soles, to our delight we have increased the percentage of bio-based compounds, passing from 20% to 60% of recycled material“.

These materials have also been honed thanks to Edoardo’s passion; he has created a network of researchers and university students (he himself teaches in the Master’s in Fashion at the Polytechnic University of Milan), committed to sustainable innovation, in an attempt to shed some light on this topic that is creating a lot of misunderstanding. He states: “We have implemented the identity card of footwear, downloadable from our website, containing all “ingredients” and sustainability certifications of various materials, to educate the consumer and enable them to understand and appreciate our product“.

In addition to manufacturing own-brand footwear, the company has teamed up with other fashion and sportswear brands looking to venture down a path of aware production, through capsule collections. Collaborations with Armani and Moschino have been followed up by others with Save the Duck and Philippe Model Paris, interested in using ACBC know-how for “Lyon” sustainable footwear, with a corn fibre, organic cotton and recycled polyester upper, set to hit the market in spring/ summer 2021.

Despite being an Italian project, ACBC manufactures footwear in Indonesia, albeit at a production site that complies with the brand’s environmental and social standard. Recently the company has also signed an agreement with an italian shoe manufacturer, for the creation of an Italian workshop for sustainable sneakers. Edoardo continues: “The operation will contribute towards upping the quality of our products and partners, who we have come to consider up as a veritable hub of development along eco-friendly lines”. But what will the ACBC collection for spring/ summer 2021 be like? “More than just zipshoes”, the designer concludes, “but also basic models for timeless aesthetics, with natural fibre uppers, like linen and hemp”. 

Flavia Colli Franzone