Beautiful and comfortable, fashionable and made in Italy. This is how the people who work in the world of music - behind the scenes and on the stage - choose their shoes.

[On cover: Marino Bartoletti, Carlotta Maggiorana, Antonella Salvucci]

The winners of prizes for the people who help make music and musicians great with their work behind the scenes gathered on the Roof Garden of the Casino for the Great Press Gala traditionally held the night before the start of the Sanremo Music Festival.

The sponsors of the evening event organised by Ilio Masprone included not only the Region of Marche but Assocalzaturifici, MICAM Milano and italianshoes, who have for some time been advertising through campaigns involving various forms of artistic expression, from literature with Dante’s voyage in the Divine Comedy to music, with sponsorship of musicals like Kinkyboots, underlining the fact that footwear is also an expression of art and style. And this fact was confirmed by the people we met at the Gala, all of whom were real shoe addicts.

The outstanding awards presented between courses served up by award-winning chef Pierpaolo Ferracuti, a native of the Marche region, included the Numeri Uno-Città di Sanremo award presented to Iva Zanicchi and the DietroLeQuinte (“Behind the scenes”) award presented to a number of professionals, including Saturnino Celani, Jovanotti’s historic bassist. Both of them emphasised the importance of footwear among the accessories that complete their outfits.


Carlotta Maggiorana, Miss Italia 2018

Carlotta Maggiorana, Miss Italia 2018

I like to wear comfortable shoes like sneakers during the day, but, like all women, I love high heels at night. The Marche, the region I come from, is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, and one of the regions with the highest concentrations of footwear manufacturers. So we’re on familiar ground here, and we need to make the most of what we have, in terms of both the beauty of our landscape and our enterprises”. 

Antonella Salvucci, Actress and hostess of the evening

Shoes have to match your outfit, but they have to be comfortable, too. I love walking, and health starts with the feet. Pumps have been coming back into style, and it’s important to note that they have also become the international symbol of violence against women. Made in Italy” is Italian identity, and it reminds us how good we are at making things”.


Marino Bartoletti, RAI Anchorman and host

I pay a lot of attention to shoes, and maybe this is because my parents were tailors, and shoes are the perfect complement to clothes. We must be elegant and yet comfortable at the same time. ‘Made in Italy’ stands for good taste and practicality, and footwear and clothing both express these values”.


Saturnino Celani, storico Bassista di Jovanotti e designer di occhiali

Saturnino Celani, historic Jovanotti bassist and eyewear designer

I forgot the formal tailor-made shoes I had intended to wear at the event, so I opted for a pair of Italian sneakers instead. I associate the words ‘Made in Italy’ with the best of everything that Italy produces, with the quality universally associated with the country. My eyewear brand is also entirely made in Italy, which is a real guarantee of quality”. 

Camilla Nata, Giornalista Rai1

Camilla Nata, RAI1 reporter

Italian footwear is an object of great value, and it’s a real pity to keep it on the shelf: you need to show it off. At home I keep my shoes on bookshelves, arranged by heel height, never less than 9 centimetres. I only wear shoes with leather soles, which are beautiful and comfortable”.


Iva Zanicchi, Singer and winner of the Numeri Uno-Città di Sanremo award

Real elegance starts with the feet. A good pair of shoes can fix an outfit made up of cheap clothes. Some shoes are practically works of art. What was I wearing when I won the Festival with Zingara? Definitely not high heels; at that time I used to buy my shoes from a shoemaker in Rome. But now I love high heels. It’s a pity hats are not very fashionable these days, because I think shoes and hats are the most important accessories”.


Enzo Miccio, Wedding designer

Shoes are very important. When I want to create a look for a person, I start with the shoes. I try to suggest the best shoes for their personality. I like Italian-made shoes, and I’m very demanding when I create my collection of bridal gowns, matching shoes with them. I go out and discover the little companies that still make everything in Italy, taking great care with the details”.