From the medical know-how of Optima Molliter: every-day performance sneakers.

[On cover: Susanna, Franco and Alberto Salvatelli, the owners of Optima Molliter SRL]

Optima Molliter is a Marche-based company with a long history.
It all began with the production of classic men’s shoes by the Salvatelli family back in 1894. The story continued in 1960, expanding into comfort and orthopedic women’s shoes. Then, in 2002, the final identity of the brand is forged by the siblings Susanna, Alberto and Franco, the fourth generation of the Salvatelli family, who start to focus on the world of rehabilitation and motor disability.

From 2017 onwards, new projects in the field of medical devices came to life, positioning the company as a leader in the wound-care and orthopedic rehabilitation market. Innovation and research are the company’s strong suit, so much so that they have been awarded the “Innovation Awards Honoree in the Wearable Technologies” title at CES 2019 for the ‘SBI Motus Smart’ project. The award will be presented in January at the American exhibition by the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that, since 1976, has celebrated new products and cutting-edge technological services that distinguish themselves in terms of their design, design innovation, engineering and user experience.



This know-how will now be applied to a new sneaker project that goes beyond the boundaries of the medical sector, to become a philosophy that embraces the wellness sector. From this idea, the YDA collection was born. As Alberto Salvatelli, project manager director and partner, explains: the collection is designed for those who have made of wellbeing their ideology. Two models, one male one female, in six colours, characterised by high performance capabilities and specific design for everyday life. They ensure the safety and mobility of the foot without compromising the contemporary design of the footwear.

The intention of the company is to broaden its target audience and distribution channels, providing a product that combines wellness with design and fashion elements.