Bottega Senatore focuses on quality at affordable prices

What we do is teamwork, constantly checking in with the craftsmen, to find the right balance between quality and price. The motto of the Bottega Senatore brand is to “make the inaccessible accessible”. Shoes, of course, and especially men’s shoes, which require great care when it comes to workmanship and details.

The founder Daniel Porcello knows a thing or two about this. He, thanks to his passion for footwear, has travelled all around Italy in search of the right companies to produce a collection designed according to his own aesthetic and price standards. In the end, he chose Puglia, a region that boasts a long history in footwear production. Daniel Porcello moved to the world of accessories after his experience in the shipping sector. In the last five years he has devoted himself full time to this new adventure, focusing on quality at an affordable price, through production optimization.

The company’s offer includes all the models that are dear to the male consumer: ankle boots, boots, the derby, brogues, double buckles, moccasins and, of course, sneakers with box soles.

Bottega Senatore was one of the seven companies present in February at Micam’s Italian Footwear Start Up space, a project created in collaboration with Suitex International.