The author Jeff Staple is a creative visionary and an eclectic designer

An eclectic personality, Jeff Staple is a visionary creative who has worked in the fields of graphic design, fashion design, footwear design, and brand marketing. In 1997 he founded Staple, an avant-garde streetwear brand characterised by the recognizable “pigeon” logo. But Staple is also known worldwide for his work with various brands, including Nike, The Fader and Hypebeast. In 2022, he published the book Jeff Staple: Not Just Sneakers (published by Rizzoli International Publications), a monograph that documents the last twenty-five years of his most iconic work. This book offers readers a history lesson on his enormous contributions to the streetwear and sneaker industry, with archival sketches, drawings, magazine covers, and contributions from Hiroshi Fujiwara and Futura, making it a must-have volume for streetwear- and design-lovers. Indeed, it was Nike in 2005 that asked Staple to create a special commemorative sneaker that represented New York and, thus, the Pigeon Dunk SB was born, which caused a lot of clamour at its launch and which exposed Staple, as well as sneaker culture, to a mass audience. A model that is difficult to find on the market and which has reached very high figures among resellers.