A Marche-based start-up makes customised shoes that can be configured online

45 million possible combinations. A number that is difficult even to imagine, but seeing that every single part of the shoe can be personalised any way you like, it’s easy to reach such staggering figures.

You start off with the simplest of choices — man or woman — on the basis of which you can then opt for loafers, brogues, derby shoes, ankle boots or sneakers, with dozens of models available. And that’s just the beginning.

Because once you find the shoes of your dreams, you are then faced with an infinite number of options: what colour do you want the vamp? Do you want it made of suede or patent leather? Or maybe brush-off leather? Do you want calfskin or ponyskin? And what about having a print pattern?


The same thing goes for the quarters, the heel counters, and the toecap.

And then there’s the sole and heel edge dressing. Raw? Natural? Dark brown? Black-brown? Black? Slight variances that can make all the difference between an ordinary shoe and a special one.

On the site of Design Italian Shoes, DIS for short, the anatomy of the shoe is entirely at the customer’s disposal and can be tried out on the 3D configurator.

The inner lining?

And the laces? And the eyelets? And the sole? It can be smooth, anti-slip, tread, in Vibram rubber, or microlight. And you can even engrave something on them, for example your initials on a pair of formal wedding shoes.


The founders: Francesco Carpineti, Michele Luconi and Andrea Carpineti

DIS, a young start-up company based in the Marche region, was founded in 2015 by Andrea Carpineti, expert in strategy, business plans and HR, his brother Francesco Carpineti, who has worked for years in the field of luxury footwear for men, and Michele Luconi, expert in digital strategy and start-ups.

The trio soon became well-known both in Italy and abroad thanks to their successful intuition, capable of combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship.

Entirely Made in Italy and constructed using the best materials, every shoe is hand-made “on demand” by the artisans of the historic Montegranaro manufacturing district and delivered to the customer in four weeks; there’s even the possibility of having a sample/test shoe sent to you so that you can be 100% sure that the sizing is right.

With so many options available, it probably takes longer to choose the perfect combination than to have a new pair of DIS shoes delivered to your doorstep.