In the digital age, the pleasure of leafing through a traditional calendar is making a comeback. In 2021, there is a shoe for each day

One can no longer do without digital calendars that can be consulted and updated at any time from smartphones, tablets and computers. However, the allure of print continues to intrigue old and new generations alike. How, then, not to think of thematic calendars to hang, full of images and perhaps with fashion guidelines to follow day by day? Here are the calendars published by Workman for 2021, dedicated to footwear with images that alternate between sexy models and basic ones, futuristic shoes like Issey Miyake’s sandals and refined Manolo Blahnik’s or Dior’s vintage pumps. There are also inspirational phrases from Coco Chanel, Louboutin and other fashion icons. In each Workman calendar, which is adapted from Linda O’Keefe’s bestselling ‘Shoes’, it is also possible to win a pair of shoes.