WGSN trends for MICAM for next year’s summer season focus on tradition and virtual reality


Based on concepts such as minimalism, sustainability and handcrafts, this trend valorises Italian manufacturing and expertise, promotes repurposing and more conscious consumerism. For women and girls, natural fabrics and colours, inspired by the lush natural environment and featuring shades of green, blue and purple, are redolent of a simple, bucolic life-style. For men and boys, tonal combinations abound, but there is also room for contrast, with a mix of warm, bright, and cool tones. Handcrafted elements such as tooled metals, intricate weaving methods, embroidery, and hand-painted motifs will be key, and give designs a unique quality.

In footwear, appliques are given a waxy finish, in harmony with minimalist silhouettes.


TransForm explores the world of design, and comes up with a modernist trend that draws on both city-dwelling and seafaring themes.

It focuses on all-black styling and tough, sturdy skins, but there are also contrasting light and dark tones. Blues and greens are inspired by the ocean, while silvery tones are inspired by metals. For women’s footwear, soles are chunky and comfortable with the accent on utility and practicality. For men, footwear is ultra-light, smart and casual at the same time and reconciles technology with nature. Colours move from light to dark – and artificial to natural – in this palette of contrasts, with a complex balance between colour tones.


Poised between the past, present and future, between real and virtual reality, in clothing this trend manifests itself in the form of references to the video games and atmosphere of 1980s to create a new hyper-digital uniform. It combines the typical bold tones of offset printing with an austere palette of greys and neutrals. Clinical greens, digital pastels, and pops of bright colour alongside photographic prints are key features in womenswear.

In menswear, the trend plays with proportions and maximalism is a key feature; in footwear, this takes the form of models in bold optical colours.