The ‘Encyclopédie de la Chaussure’ (Footwear Encyclopaedia) starts from the Upper Paleolithic period and goes up to the 21st century

It is truly an encyclopaedic work that drawn up by Bernard Parisot whose research starts from the Paleolithic era to get to the present day. 520 pages and 700 illustrations (publisher La Muette-Le Bord De L’Eau) with brands, creators, artists and celebrities who are part of footwear history. Historical models, but also avant-garde ones, made with 3D printing, and then the section dedicated to footwear in art and the artists who were inspired by it, from Fragonard to Van Gogh, up to Andy Warhol and contemporary artists such as Charlotte Beaudry, Dominique De Beir, and Xavier-Noiret-Thomé. The author, an economist and engineer, has a long experience in the sector having collaborated with the André group and with the French Footwear Federation.