The Santoni-Rubelli capsule collection is born of a passion for timeless elegance.

The collaboration between two Italian excellences has been renewed for six years now: the Santoni shoe factory and the Rubelli textile company, the latter of which has its roots in 1858 and is famous for its damasks, brocade and velvets for furnishings.

Both share a passion for craftsmanship and timeless elegance. From this liaison, and from the archives of the Venetian company, were born the shoes of the 2019 ‘Resort Collection’ with their romantic, Venetian flavour.


The precious silk lampas of the historic maison Rubelli are used to create sandals, mules, loafers and booties characterised by a refined colour palette and impeccable Santoni manufacturing. Bringing together the two companies, in addition to a commitment to authenticity, is also the fact of constantly having an eye to the future, in search of continuous stylistic innovation.