The story of ‘Ofanto’, a brand from Puglia that is named after a river

«We were just three guys who were very proud of our country, with a lot of passion and a pinch of madness».
They sound like the lyrics from a bittersweet song, yet they are the beginning of an unusual story – a story that sees three friends change their original plans radically. Many would have considered it a bump in the road, but these friends knew how to turn it into an opportunity.

Their idea, indeed, was to create an online platform for ‘Made in Italy’ businesses who wanted to sell their goods globally. The initiative, however, was stopped in its tracks right from the beginning and, at that point, there were two paths that the friends could choose between: either to give up on the idea entirely or to follow their instincts and passion and show those people who hadn’t believed in their project that the future was exactly as they had seen it: a direct way to export Italian-made, quality goods over the web. Thus, the three friends established their footwear brand: Ofanto.



Founded in 2015, Ofanto takes its name from the river that runs through the friends’ native region of Puglia. The business, based in Casamassima in the province of Bari, designs everything ‘in house’, but the shoes are made by shoe factories in Veneto, Le Marche and Campania.

Ofanto is specialised in men’s footwear, from sneakers to Oxfords, running the gamut of moccasins, boat shoes and ankle boots too. The business sells exclusively online.