Young designer Annie Fabbioni comes from a traditional shoemaking district and designs "architectural" footwear

Her first collection, which came out in 2016, was a capsule collection of only four shoes, each inspired by one of the muses of ancient Greek mythology. Clio, Erato, Thalia, Urania… just as artists invoke the muses to fill them with the supreme ideal of Art with a capital A, Annie Fabbioni has represented their spirit in a series of shoes characterised by use of the colour black only and a form of design that clearly owes a lot to architecture, as the heels of some of these shoes show.

“Building, sculpting, erecting shoes like an architect”, says the young designer on the web site of her brand, Annie Collections.

Annie was born into the trade in the town of Fermo, at the heart of one of the world’s most important shoemaking districts, and inherited local know-how, which, combined with her classical studies and training as an architect, formed the background inspiring her first collection (in some ways, the work that sums up her life), to which she later added two muses — Euterpe and Calliope — and therefore two more styles.

«A continuous interplay of art and experimentation, of Italian know-how and a new modernist emphasis, led to the recent foundation of the brand bearing her name which promotes a new aesthetic sensibility, a celebration of stupendous feminine beauty.»

Add to this a great passion for travel and the exotic (evident in her Instagram profile @annie_collections) and a great eye for patterns and graphics, and the result is a second collection, Wonderlust, expressing both wonder and wanderlust and representing all the joy of the coming season, veering decisively towards a much brighter colour palette, enriching her characteristic clean lines and sharp forms with details and geometric motifs recalling the decorations painted on elephants in India on the occasion of the traditional Elephant Festival held in Jaipur in March every year.