Creativity in footwear is ageless. Evidence of this is the huge rate of participation from schools, from primary to professional, in the competition that Assocalzaturifici organises every year, together with the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), for students.

Following the themes dedicated to Asia and Africa of the last two years, the new proposal for 2019 will focus on a very topical issue: protecting the environment. In fact, the chosen title, “Il riciclo calza bene” (Recycling fits well), offers new and stimulating ideas to students and teachers who will challenge themselves in the task of considering the environment from the point of view of footwear.

The works will be evaluated by a committee of experts and the award ceremony will take place, as usual, at next MICAM Milano on September 2019, 17th where the winning works will be displayed.

Here you are a list with winners and mentioned.