At ‘Pitti Immagine Uomo’, Diadora celebrates its 70th birthday with an exhibition and Moon Boot celebrates its 50-year anniversary with a project-event.

[On cover: event by Moon Boot:  The (R)evolutionary Journey of an Icon]

The menswear show (8th-11th January in Florence) is becoming more and more like a large research container. The guiding theme of this edition is, in fact, ‘Pitti Box’ – which narrates the new spirit behind the athletic-minded wardrobe, the high-end street style, the new projects of emerging brands and, of course, Italian tradition and excellence in clothing and accessories – amongst which footwear stands out. Among the many events that have been scheduled, two in particular celebrate footwear companies with a strong heritage.

Diadora turns 70 and celebrates with the exhibitionIt plays something else”, a tribute to contemporary art, which will remain open to the public until the 10th of January at Stazione Leopolda. Curated by Davide Giannella, the exhibition celebrates the brand through the production of a series of works of art. It has been developed around the idea of speed as a common element to each of the sports the company has devoted itself to in the last 70 years. The exhibition involves a series of artists, each capable of interpreting different expressive languages such as design, photography, moving images and sculpture. The artists involved are all critically acclaimed by critics and audiences alike: Ducati Monroe (Diego Perrone and Andrea Sala), Maisie Cousins, Gabber Eleganza, Invernomuto and Patrick Tuttofuoco.

La locandina della mostra che celebra i 70 anni di Diadora

Moon Boot also flits between the past and the future: 50 years after the landing of Armstrong on the Moon, it celebrates its own anniversary with a project-event at Stazione Leopolda. “(R)evolutionary Journey of an Icon” is a journey from the Earth to the Moon and back, through a timeless product that speaks to new generations. A lunar invasion that will lead you to discover the most iconic features of the famous Boot with its exaggerated shape; an exhibition of 50 pieces that covers the entire history of the brand to date and which will project visitors forward into the next 50 years.

Do not miss the special events of this edition of Pitti Uomo: ‘Y/Project’ by the Belgian designer Glenn Martens with a presentation event for the new Autumn/Winter collection 2018/19, Aldo Maria Camillo with the debut his eponymous brand, the ‘Concept Korea’ catwalk that showcases the most interesting Korean brands, the emerging designers of the guest nation (which is Portugal this time around), the focus on research fashion by ‘Scandinavian Manifesto’ in collaboration with ‘Revolver Copenhagen’ and a curious project by four Japanese designers who specialise in the crafting of white leather, due to the type of water the animals drink. This is a millennial technique practised only in the Himeji area.

As usual, Pitti Uomo continues beyond the physical fair with the digital project, a B2B platform that presents all the products on display at the fair, a digital catalogue (over 920 brands and 6,000 products), and a fashion directory available to buyers for a period of 9 weeks after the closing of the event.