Together with MICAM Milano promoted by Assocalzaturifici, with the Region of Marche, the Municipality of Montegranaro, and Marca Fermana, we are the sponsors of the Press Gala of the Sanremo Festival.

Excellence is the common thread that draws together realities that are different, but in tune with one another nonetheless: a territory, like the Region of Marche – an excellence in the field of footwear, wine and food, an event, like MICAM Milano – an international showcase on shoe production, a singing event, like Sanremo that every year enters the hearts and homes of millions of people.

The institutions of the Region of Marche and Assocalzaturifici view the Festival as an important promotional opportunity in view of their shared values of beauty, authenticity and style, and Italianshoes will be attending the Press Gala on the 4th of February at the Sanremo Casino.

At the evening event, presided over by journalist Marino Bartoletti and actress Antonella Salvucci, around 200 journalists and professionals of the music world are expected; they will attend the awarding of figures who work both behind the scenes, and in music – such as Iva Zanicchi who this year will be awarded the “Numeri Uno-Città di Sanremo” Award.

In addition to the musical entertainment by the maestro Reddy Bobbio, dishes from the typical menu of Marche, curated by the starred chef Pierpaolo Ferracuti of the Retroscena restaurant in Porto San Giorgio, will cheer the audience.

Italianshoes will be among the guests, browsing through clothes and shoes. All ‘Made in Italy’, naturally!

A radio advert on Radio Sanremo, broadcasted 90 times in 57 countries, from January 30 till February 9, tells the spirit of the Italian shoes. Stay tuned!.