The semi-couture footwear by Ada Kokosar: between dream and glamour.

[On cover: Midnight 00 by Ada Kokosar SS19 Collection]

It is a modern fable, one that the American fashion designer and fashion editor Ada Kokosar wants to tell through the project Midnight 00, presented in July in Paris and produced in Italy by Paciotti.

Born in Italy but now a resident of New York, Ada Kokosar has worked for Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, & Other Stories –amongst others– and has collaborated on the Cesare Paciotti brand relaunch. During this experience, she came up with the idea of creating her own brand and, in 2018, she realised her dream of a semi-couture line of shoes. The line is the result of her intuition and of the challenge of shaping materials around the foot itself, in a modern interpretation of the iconic Cinderella shoe.

Thus, for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, she has created heels, sandals, mules and glamourous ankle boots wrapped in transparent PVC, in draped fabrics and silks embroidered with crystals and pearls. Made in a palette of soft, sugary colours in a nostalgic vein, these shoes are designed for a woman who is both romantic and strong at the same time.

The Italian production makes this project, which has found an invaluable leading influence in CEO Marco Calcinario, even more special, as Ada Kokosar explains to ‘italianshoes’: “As well as the well-known qualities of Italian craftsmanship and raw materials, there is also an innate creative spirit and inventiveness typical of the culture and the DNA of this country. We are always able to come up with alternative solutions, precisely because we are, in general, a creative people”. She continues: “All of this is crucial when it comes to a semi-couture product like Midnight 00 because the shoe is unique and original and requires a lot of ingenuity and know-how to make. This is why, working with the Paciotti company, it is of fundamental importance to overcome technical boundaries, and always find new ways of experimenting”.


Made in Italy production turns this project into something even more special.